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Bagthorpe is an organic farm in north Norfolk with the barns dating back to the early 1800s. I have been photographing the ever changing barns since 2008 throughout all the seasons and document as I find. The Napoleonic barns are quite dark which means that I require an exposure between 1 and 30 seconds to be able to record their content. I am always intrigued as to what I will discover on each visit, with random furniture sharing the space with working farm machinery and fresh produce.

Bethnal Green

All the photographs were taken between 2001 - 2009 in Bethnal Green London E2. On walking to my studio each day I was fascinated by the ever changing graffiti that appeared on the same walls and buildings. I decided to start photographing the graffiti interested in both the ever-changing content and why these same locations were repeatedly chosen. I concentrated my focus on a small area covering six streets which have now all changed from old walls to new apartment blocks or simply knocked down. The pictures reflect the social history of six streets that have since been made unrecognizable by modernisation and new buildings in the ever expanding city.


Ashridge is a 5000 acre estate in the Chiltern Hills with beech and oak woodlands, commons and chalk downlands. I have always been interested in trees and wanted to capture the beauty and majestic qualities in a slightly different style. I decided to photograph the woods using an infrared filter and a sepia filter which meant exposure times of a minute and a half, which captured the trees moving in the wind and the clouds sweeping across the sky. I visit Ashridge each week and am always in awe of how nature changes the landscape of the woodlands through the seasons.


Suvilahti is located in Western Finland 5 kilometers southeast from the city of Vaasa. The area consists of shallow sea bays with partially overgrown reeds and mixed deciduous forest. During the winter months temperatures can fall to -25 degrees with the sea freezing over creating vast areas of ice and snow. My wife is from Suvilahti and we visit her family a couple of times each year.

To Autumn

To Autumn was shot on a very old first generation iPhone using one of the cameras filters. I shot the images in a small wood called Grymes Dell during the course of a week and was continuously interrupted by fallow dear that roam in their hundreds on this estate.

Clematis Tangutica

Clematis Tangutica is a deciduous climber that loses its leaves in autumn. I noticed that each year the flowers on the tree at the bottom of my garden changed colour and shape as we moved into the autumn months. As they fell I carefully collected them and dried them for 3 months in an airtight box. I photographed the flowers in my garden shed next to the tree late in the afternoons when the daylight was soft and captured the intricate details of the clematis.


Suomenlinna is an inhabited sea fortress build on eight islands 4 kilometers southeast of Helsinki. During the summer months the large rocks by the sea at the south of the island become covered in algae, which creates beautiful colours and patterns. I have been visiting the islands for 14 years and each year the algae changes in colour and texture.

The Rookery

The Rookery is a small wood in Little Gaddesden with very large oak trees standing high on a hill. I was drawn in by the beauty and darkness of this small wood and the twisted dark patterns created in the tree bark.

Great Tew

Great Tew is a village in the Cotswold Hills in a conservation area. The old estate kitchen garden was hidden deep in a wooded enclave and was in a state of abandonment with the buildings crumbling and overtaken by the wood. I was able to photograph the kitchen gardens on two occasions before the wood and all the buildings were demolished.

Laser 3.14

Laser 3.14 is a pseudonym of an anonymous Dutch street artist, painter and poet whose graffiti is only on temporary structures. I discovered the first Laser 3.14 poem in Brick Lane and thought it was very different from the other graffiti that I had been photographing. As the graffiti was not in one of the streets I photographed, I didn't shoot until I discovered another of his poems later that same day. I thought I should capture them as they were unusual and my new project began. Over the course of 3 weeks in 2012 I became obsessed with finding more and searched each morning for his work. On two occasions I found a Laser 3.14 just in time before workmen removed the graffiti forever.


As a food photographer, my job was to make food look as attractive and appealing as possible, encouraging the viewer to want to eat the food on the page. I began experimenting with a macro lens, looking at the inside of fruit and vegetables left over from shoots. I uncovered a hidden world that we never see when we use them every day in our kitchens. The intricacies and mechanics of these foods are almost humbling; it is amazing that something often so simple outside is so complex inside.